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Libra Esva Antispam
Anti Spam Solution of the Year!

Libra Esva, has won Antispam Solution of the Year at the 2014 Computing Security Awards.

Libra Esva was the only italian company named finalist at the ceremony, where took part the best security players worldwide.

We are delighted to be recognised ‘Antispam Solution of the Year’. The Computing Security award is fantastic recognition for Libraesva and its email gateway Esva - Email Security Virtual Appliance and demonstrates that quality pays. says Paolo Frizzi, CEO of the Italian company.

Our core purpose is to ensure our small and enterprise customers have the very best antispam gateway, support and services available while at the same time putting them in control of their security. We will continue in this direction, by doing the right thing for our customers, by working on quality and improving a solution with a daily commitment towards innovation in technology for business security.

The 2014 Computing Security Awards concluded with an awards ceremony on October 9th. The evening ceremony was held at the Hotel Russell in London’s Russell Square.

Also in October yet another VBspam Award! Libra Esva placed second in the latest comparative test by Virus Bulletin.

Martijn Grooten, technical director said: Libra Esva missed just 37 spam emails. That’s fewer than all but one other solution – and almost all of those 37 emails were ones that other products had diffi culty with too. Apart from these, the product misclassifi ed a single newsletter (an offer from a Thai newspaper), but once again there were no false positives in the ham corpus for the Italian virtual solution.

Libra Esva 13 Level Spam Protection

Libra Esva uses a multilayer anti-spam engine,which allows it to block 99.97% of spam - Virus Bulletin Spam test July 2010 - with only 0.12% False Positive rate!
These incredible results are achieved by applying  13 successive levels of analysis to every incoming message before being delivered to the final recipient, as illustrated below:

Libra ESVA Integrates Avira to Improve Virus Protection

Lecco, 27th February 2013

Security expert Avira announced today that Libra, a global provider of enterprise-grade email security solutions, has licensed Avira’s SAVAPI anti-malware scanning engine to incorporate into Libra products.


With the scale and complexity of recent email threats, including spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing and malware attacks, Libra ESVA’s engineers determined that the traditional approach of having a single generic antivirus engine is no longer sufficient.

To combat this evolving threat, Libra’s engineers decided to integrate a second antivirus engine, and they found Avira to be the best vendor to provide it.