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comparative test

Lecco, December, 16 2010

Libra Esva
scored an outstanding 5 star award in the best security solutions review by SC Magazine!

Dave Mitchell of SC Magazine underlined the ease of implementation, it's value for money and it's incredible performance in spam fighting as key attributes in winning the 5 Stars:

We were impressed with Libra ESVA on a number of counts, as this virtual appliance proved to be simple to deploy and capable of delivering excellent anti-spam results. Reporting is very detailed and its low price makes it highly suited to SMBs on a tight budget.

SC Magazine awarded the maximum 5 stars score for product performance, ease of use and outstanding technical support. They have also recommended it as a best buy for the SMB sector.

The whole review is available at the following link, and highlights Libra Esva as one the most effective email security solution available today.

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Lecco, December 7th, 2010

Libra Esva is once again a  top 5 performer in the prestigious Anti-Spam comparative test conducted by Virus Bulletin.
Virus Bulletin is a publication specializing in the independent testing of global spam and virus malware solutions .

In the latest testing and up against 20 world class competitors, Libra Esva confirmed its pedigree  by establishing itself for the fourth consecutive month as a top performer.


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Lecco, Italy  September 8, 2010

Libra Esva
has achieved a 3rd consecutive award in the Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Test.

The Virus Bulletin is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware.

Libra Esva is the new standard for anti-spam vitual appliances and since it's first participation in the international  anti-spam test, has achieved and confirmed it's incredible efficiency by obtaining a top performance score with a spam catch rate of 99,96%!

This test is run against 19 different products, including multinational market leaders companies like BitDefender, Sophos, SpamTitan, McAfee, Symantec, MailMarchall, Kasperky and others.

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Lecco, 1 Luglio 2010

Libra Esva
has been awarded with another VBSpam Award in it's second partecipation in the Virus Bullettin antispam comparative test.

The Virus Bullettin is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware.

This test was run against 23 different products, including multinational market leaders companies like Microsoft, Sophos, McAfee, Symantec MailMarchall, Kasperky and others.

Libra Esva for the second consecutive time has been the product with the best spam catch rate, with the impressive result of 99,97%, even better than the previous achieved of 99,95% .

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